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let's face it A great career...

Isn’t Just Handed to you! Especially after a year and a half of a pandemic, and when you signed up for the actor life nobody told you that It would be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows on a daily basis!  From the audition you just confirmed last week Yah ✨ to the glaring notification on your bank account that you’re in your overdraft! Booo! 🤯 ( the pressure, the auditions, the agents, Networking, Casting directors, classes, headshots) So …how do you actually craft an acting career of your dreams? 

wouldn't it feel amazing to...

✔︎  Find that perfect agent you love whose message notification fills you with excitement and anticipation not dread and anxiety 

✔︎ Leave an audition room grinning ear to ear knowing  that your performance was a game changer and everyone in the room was speechless 

 ✔︎  Create a feature with your friends that allows you to act at your highest capacity+ get’s snagged for a film festival …

It can be possible even without ...

you've got the bloody talent all you need now is the process to make it lets goo!

10+ seasoned actors+ creators ...


Peel back the layers of successs with Each interview full of actionable steps and tangible tips to help you carve  your unique path to the acting career that you  deserve ( you know the one you’ve been dreaming of since you were a wee tod...) so whether it’s Film, Television or Theatre it’s time for us to really make it happen! 

big truth : it's truly impossible to try and do it alone...and luckily you don't have to!

industry geniuses came to help you ....

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Transform your acting career into a business that operates with structure and clarity so you will not be   at the mercy of anything or anyone, Agent or otherwise   but instead you’ll be in the driver’s seat, taking full control of your life and career ( just how it should be!)  

get ready to discover golden nuggets like ...

get the training you need to succeed....

Drama schools and conservatories only teach you the craft which is just a small percentage of what you actually need to successfully navigate this industry, stand out and achieve success, and we’re uncovering the full process RIGHT HERE  so you can get all that training now FOR FREEEE! 

Uncover the process of Success ...


It is common knowledge that behind any achievement of value lies a series of actions, a multitude of steps and a mountain of beliefs that lead to the outcome .

We are shedding light on that process in order to create a system and a strategy that can be executed by any actor. Want to see progress in your life and career and achieve success no matter what stage or season of your career you’re in?  I invite you to master the process of success ..

Hey there i'ts lola

Actor, Founder of The Helping Actor, creator of the ACTORS WALL PLANNERS and Your Host for this Breakthrough extravaganza! My friends and I have been on the struggle bus so you ain’t gotta board …

I have been where you are now! Feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to actually move my career to the next level...

I’ve also been on the other side, on a plane to LA having meetings with managers feeling in complete control over my career! I know both realities and I know that you have more power over your success than you think.

I have seen actors breakthrough 5 years in soul sucking finance jobs to getting into top dramaschools, Actors finishing scripts, birthing plays and tossing bad reps to the curb all because they had the right process and support, and if they can achieve it… SO CAN YOU 

I specialise in helping actors

swap confusion for clarity and turn strategy into Full blown action! The breakthrough Actor summit is part of that let’s reveal your blindspots and give you the clear steps to build a career full of longevity that has the potential to make your dreams a reality and unlock your next level of success…