Summit Schedule

Get excited because this lineup is incredible! Below you’ll find the summit schedule and access links. All times are shown in BST British Summer Time.

Kick off call


  • 12pm BST  Monday July, 26 –  Our Live kickoff Call in the Breakthrough Actor –  Facebook group
  • 8:00am Eastern – Nailing your branding and building your Legacy with  Jodie Bentley Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern uncovering the Buisness mindset of  success with Tristen Macdonald – Calendar link 
  • 8:00am Eastern  Headshots that Convert and branding that books with  Sean Perez – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern– creating + building authentic community with Darren Darnborough – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern–  Mastering the art of Networking without shame with Angela Peters  – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern  Unlocking your full potential as a 360 creative with  Bret Shuford – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern– Unveiling the core of the ideal actor agent relationship with Sam Day –  Calendar link 
  • 8:00am Eastern– Attract your vision to become a Booking magnet with Christine Horn – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern Ditching the desperation to call in your Ideal agent with Brian Patacca – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern– Defeating fear, self sabotage and Playing small with Rayna Russell – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern Rituals and Routines that prepare you for success with Moniqua Plante – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern – Mastering self tapes + crushing your Inner game with Dajuan Johnson – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern– Swap survival for success by diversifying talent with Elise Arsenault – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern Shake The Industry, Create Exciting Work And Succeed  Emily Grace  – Calendar link
  • 8:00am Eastern- Power steps to clarity and goal achievement with Lolade Rufai – Calendar link

The breakthrough V.I.P

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