IMAGINE life with Amazing auditions, Paid Gigs & connections
because you finally found and secured your PERFECT AGENT

The Ultimate Agent Finder Toolkit is YOUR ANSWER...
The Expert C.R.A.K.T Formula was devised to help you turn the ENDLESS NOOO's In your inbox to Meetings,
conversations and REPRESENTATION with Your NEXT BEST AGENT in 99% less time with ZERO confusion !

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to be a successful actor is to be a good salesman

Drama school didn't teach you this but It's the #1 Success strategy that WORKS

To have a fighting chance at success In this Industry, You need to attract your Perfect Agent for that ... you need to GET NOTICED . The thing is... Drama school told you the WHY... you need an Agent , but not the HOW to actually get one... sooo you're left all alone with ... no tools, no information and no strategy trying to figure it out and stay afloat...IT'S NO SURPRISE YOU BELIEVE ONE OF THESE LIES 🤷🏽‍♀️


You think good Agents don’t want you and those agencies are only reserved for new graduates and Upcoming movie stars.  


You believe you have to send a load of 200 emails just to get the 1 reply and you’re expecting the Famous ‘Sorry our books our closed’ response …


You think that If you’re not on Television or have a showcase comming up an agent won’t even consider you for representation…. 

the real truth no one is telling you is this ...

✔︎  There is an agent out there waiting for you with over 180 P.M.A accredited agents in the UK Plus another 800 more across USA, It is possible to find  your perfect Agent ( But the thing is their looking for an actor who is confident, knows what they want and  is bold enough to get It, That’s who you need to be  )

✔︎   It’s not about the quantity of emails you send but the quality. Copy and paste emails lacking charisma and personality is not going to cut it, with that you can expect no’s and no response ( what you need Is to get personal and relate to the agent In their language showing them your Incredible value in your emails)

 ✔︎  You don’t have to be a movie star to get noticed. Agents know the life of an actor much too well and they know most times you’re out of work, Auditioning  and laying the grass routes for the next mission!  No work doesn’t mean No talent !  (what you need is to be confident in your Vision and start to share material to Illustrate where you want to end up )

THE THING IS... you'VE probably already TRIED
to find an agent but you are left feeling...

Then you've got the logistics


With endless contacts splattered all over the internet you got to know if they are real,

Then spend hours figuring out which one’s to contact! Time consuming and exhausting

Where Do I Start To Find A Good Agent?


You go for bog standard, A brief bio of who you are where you trained and what shows

you’ve done, you add a headshot, link a reel and SEND to agents hoping for results 

What the Heck do I write In the emails?


You have no material to send – you need a reel to get an agent and you opportunity to

get a reel – You’re stuck in a chicken and egg situation that has you feeling defeated.

How do I get them to Reply & want me ?

THEN yOU'RE THINKING Is it really worth it... ?

The process has you feeling defeated, like you have no control over your career making it feel like Success is Impossible to achieve and that’s just not the case. 

Your weren’t taught how to manage your career in this manner or how to operate like a business using system’s and strategies to get ahead and that is the secret.

An Agent can’t give you confidence or self belief (that’s an inside job)but what they can do is pour gasoline on your burning flame, opening doors you didn’t think were possible and pushing you in the right direction toward your future.

the truth : getting the right agent is paramount
to unlocking the keys to your highest potential

you can start right nowww!!



The Ultimate Agent finder toolkit is the modern way to locate and convert your ideal agent into a partner in crime in 99% less time and 0% Confusion. Along with the special formula that teaches you every step you need to attract your perfect agent, communicate with speed and build professional relationships with Industry experts that will change your life and move your acting career to the next level.

The Step by step process


Step One is to begin to  narrow and segment the list of agents you are inspired by who’s work is inlight with your future career plans.


Step two is about getting really specific about the agencies and honing in on the details of the agents you will approach.


Step Three is fully about formulating and Identifying your worth and uniqueness so
you can begin to Communicate it


Step four connects steps one throughthree together in a template Streamlining and personlaisaing the email process. 


Step Five track is about tracking email metrics so you can startrcreating strong relationships that will give you leverage

Unlike never before the C.R.A.K.T Formula teaches you the foundation of pitching to help you articulate your uniqueness and stand out in an overcrowded profession. This strategy makes the agent finding process efficient and straightforward, so you can approach your career like a business. We give you the strategy that will build your confidence and help you take Action to find your perfect agent, then you can go on to pitch casting directors and Actors across the Industry to build an incredible network and create a career of your dreams ✔︎ 

Here's what you'll get



The Ultimate Agent List

Collate from a list of Accredited Agents across both the UK and USA Strategically organised to Take the overwhelm the eye ache out of finding your next best agent…


The Ultimate knowledge Bank

Refine your search and personalise your finds so that your emails can resonate and attract the attention of the desired agent



The Ultimate Content Wizard

Articulate your Unique selling point with series of questions you can use over and over again in all your communication .It will help you Organise your Value, and  present Your material in a way that makes you look desirable…



The Ultimate Email Devisor

 Kraft emails that smoothly Don’t miss a bit from personalisation to material to USP articulate your purpose with a professional flare so you come across as the next actor on the market , not someone devoid of value and uncertain of their career trajectory



The Ultimate Email Tracker

Track the emails you send so you can understand the numbers and treat your career like a business not a hobby



The Ulitmate Action Planner

A Planner to help you stay on track and lead you through the entire formula with ease.Printable planner, Trello board or Editable PDF, each medium is yours for the taking. 

It's everything you need to

Find your perfect Agent

For less than a friday night take out & Uber eats delivery its priceless 💃


Normally Worth = $797



The Virtual CV Builder

A guided easy to create templated CV builder to help you harbour your skills talent and ecperience into one place to send to agents, colleagues and people you are interested in working with.

You may have an interactive CV right now Imbedded in Mandy, Spotlight or Actors Access. Imdb. But having a comprehensive version saved for you to share at your disposal makes you look professional and it helps to further you alond on the journey to success. 



The Agents 360 Calender

Knowing exactly when agents are taking a breather is going to be a game changer for your approach. Agents have cycles in which they actively seek new clients. Knowing when that is will aid you in making informed decisions. 

This planner will showcase, an overview of Drama school Showcases, USA Pilot seasons and many other events Important to agents this will position you in a perfect place to decide when you send these emails.

This will put you ahead of the pack.. when other emails and letters are being disregarded. You’ll know when to strike when the odds are in your favour. 




The Ultimate Content Generator

When you have the right agent pegged out but you dont have current and relevant material what do you do ?

close the lapptop and never send the email no! The content generator will help you come up with the best way to create adaquate content that is relavant to the agent to are writing to and also the type of work you hope to get. 

There is nothing better that catching the attention of an agent because they are so Impressed with your imagination and the effort you have gone through to show them you are so in the know of what you want and you are unafraid to go after it. 


LISTEN life IS movING on from corona & you have options...

Option A sit back and watch the Industry move forward without you.. New graduates will come out, get agents and have a chance at this career whilst you fade away, working your day job dreaming about a career that you’re unlikely to make your reality.

Option B You take action to find your partner in crime, a perfect agent that is willing to put you in the right rooms and fight for your dreams alongside you… so that you can get results make money and build a career you are proud of !!

You could be on your way to an audition that lights you up.. with other BBBB’s because with massive, consistent action comes massive consistent results !!! 



“I dont know about you but finding an agent has been the bain of my life and having a streamlined process that helps me get through it bit by bit is priceless.I mean I can use this process for years for CD’S and Other Industry folk its a real steal at bloody $27 !!! Grab it while you can. You won’t be disappointed ”


Total Value = $797

Today's Price = $27


Actor, founder of the helping actor and host of the helping actor podcast show

Listen I have been where you are, overwhelmed and confused about how to really move my career forward  and i’ve also been on the other side on a plane to LA having meetings with managers feeling in complete control over the progress of my career! Both realities are true but we have more choice over which we pursue than we think.

After graduating from drama school to a miserable actor life of no support or guidance, I have been obsessed with teaching other Actors strategy, strategy not taught in drama schools, the kind that helps you navigate life in the real world and actually gives you a fighting chance at creating an acting career and life that you are proud of. 

In 2014 when I flew to New York as a new graduate with nothing but a desire and a mighty plan to get an agent. 21 years old, wide eyed with nothing to offer but I did it, flew back home with a contract in hand and I have done it many times with 5 agents over 6 years across 2 continents and it’s not because I’m special or famous or anything you’re not… NO. It’s because I learned the art of pitching and Mastered the strategy and you need this too..

First, You have to see yourself as a business because having talent alone will only get you so far, being able to use that talent to navigate the industry, Network like crazy and reinvent yourself In a way that’s relevant now THAT’S the true craft of an actor. 

I learnt that having the right Agent Is an asset that will move your career in the perfect direction and My duty is to bring you the strategy that works to help you rise and be your very best so you can achieve the career of your dreams and The Ultimate Agent Finder Toolkit is your Dirty little secret to Agent Success my friend.


“I think all actors can benefit from this,  I Dont Understand why you would’nt want to feel this motivated and confident. It has stopped me whinning and I have started taking action. I feel calmer having a conscise plan and sticking to it.”

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

The Ultimate Agent Finder Toolkit


Your step by step toolkit with everything you will ever need to find, attract and convert your next best agent with double the speed and less of the frustration! Time to create the Acting Career of your dreams with the Ultimate Agent Finder Toolkit ! Don’t Miss It!

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you have made your purchase you will be emailed Login details to gain Immediate access to the Toolkit,  

bonuses in the members area where you have unlimited access to the resources, the training to help you achieve your goal. Training videos and Example videos are available to walk you through overstep of the toolkit.

The Ultimate Agent Finder provides all the steps needed to locate the agent best for you. If you struggle to find that agent Having gone through the toolkit.

We provide other resources that will help uncover problems you may be facing with the material you have or the level of agency you are approaching based on your experience. We will provide assistance and Guidance for you through the process, Teaching you the strategy needed to achieve the correct outcome. 

The Ultimate Agent Finder provides all the steps needed to locate the agent best for you. If you struggle to find that agent Having gone through the toolkit.

We provide other resources that will help uncover problems you may be facing with the material you have or the level of agency you are approaching based on your experience.

We will provide assistance and Guidance for you through the process, Teaching you the strategy needed to achieve the correct outcome.

We have a weekly support team and we can be reached at Here you can ask questions and get help.

We would also suggest Joining our community where you can get Live access to us and other actors working hard to get their agents in the community . 

An agent is a significant part of building your acting career, it is very important to connect with the right one no matter the stage in your career.

However if you haven’t trained and you have no material or even headshots we suggest starting with the foundation of the craft before moving to a professional level in terms of seeking representation. 

If you are an actor ready to connect with better casting directors and broaden your horizons in terms of expansion.

This toolkit will introduce you to the top agents across the board and give you the strategy to approach and convert these contacts into connections that can help you build a successful career that you are proud of . 

It is said that the one thing worse than not having an agent is having a bad agent.

This toolkit will give you the tools to illicit better conversations with Industry connections and the training and tactic found in this toolkit are transferable with other industry folk such as casting directors, DOPs Theatre Companies and Actors, Contacts that can play a major role in your career. 

Absolutely! The Ultimate Agent Finder toolkit is set at $27 dollars and you pay a one time fee for lifetime access to the training and strategy that will change your approach to your career forever.

and the biggest question of all...

what if i buy it and think its total crap 😱

This toolkit Is created to help you find the best suited agent. If you follow the step by step blueprint you will be able to cultivate meaningful communication with prospective agents who have the capabilities and the knowledge to take you to the next level in your career. 

Signing with an agent is not a guarantee but we provide you with the templates, the training and the guidance to make sure that you will never have to start from scratch again.  You can become a pro at turning contacts into connections, a skill that will be Invaluable and useful throughout your entire career. 

This is by no means a click of a finger affair; it will take hard work,  consistency and dedication. We believe that this is the true process of being an actor and welcome actors who are willing to do the work.


We have a 100 % money back guarantee policy . If you are not satisfied that this toolkit has helped you find your next best agent and everything you need to start the process of attaining them, then we will be happy to offer you a full refund. 

If you are not happy and you believe this to not be of use to you, we don’t want you to have to keep it and have paid for it .. 

The Helping Actor.LTD was  founded to help actors overcome their obstacles and achieve success by providing Support, Strategy and Accountability where drama schools failed to. And your success is a huge part of what drives us therefore If you’re not happy neither are we.

You have nothing to lose and you are covered by Our 100% Money back guarantee.


“ The wall planners are great and really help in keeping myself accountable for the actions i have taken each day towars my goals. It focuses on both on self care, wellbeing and goals setting,  it’s a perfect combination that helps me stay productive, focused and i’m in a more positive state of mind when I notice my accomplishments. which is often so  hard with all the rejections we face .”



Total Value = $797

Today's Price = $27

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I’m so excited to offer you this three-part video series, The Complete Creative. 
These deep-dive training videos will give you some serious education and solid tools that will help elevate your health, your life, and your career. 

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It sure is! We do not offer price adjustments after the price has increased.

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

No problem! Send an email over to and we’ll get back to you within 24 Hours.

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