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Thank you for Registering for the summit ! As the presentations go live, you’ll access them using the links found

  • In the emails you’ll receive each morning
  • In the Private Facebook group here 
  •  on the schedule page.

You can see the full schedule and when each presentation will go live here and each presentation is available for 24 hours.

If you haven’t, you can also get early + ongoing access to presentations with our Breakthrough Bundle. With this, you’ll get access to all presentations at 8:00am  on 26th and won’t have to worry about them expiring.

So glad to have you part of the summit! You can absolutely check which day a presentation will be on so you get the chance to add it to your calendar so you get a reminder. Check the schedule here


Alternatively keep your eye out for an email every morning with the presentations that are live for the day! 


Either way you are winning, let us know which speaker you are most looking forward to and which day you are most excited about  in our private community here 

Thank you so much for being a part of The Breakthrough Actor Summit! .

Presentations are free for 24 hours to keep us all taking action together and to keep the feel similar to an in-person event where you’d have to attend live. 

For ongoing access, you can grab the Breakthrough Bundle  and some incredible bonuses here.

Thank you for being a part of making this event amazing!

Wow you did it ! You Registered how Incredible …

Now The BreakthrouGH Actor summit will provide you incredible clarity on any area of your career you are feeling stuck on! This is why we brought together so many incredible speakers to help you uncover the next level of your career. 

To make this event the most Incredible and the most impactful we have gone above and beyond to create Breakthrough V.I.P. This gives you access to all the presentations to watch and have LONG TERM.. So if you need guidance you can re-watch them at any time. 

  • You get Access to speaker Bonuses ( Courses, E-books, Guides, Trainings) To take your learning to the next level 

We created the LIVE Element to take your learning and implementation to the next level with… 

  • LIVE:  Co- Working Call with Execution Wiz Lolade Rufai 
  • LIVE: Headshot review from Marketing Master Sean Perez
  • LIVE : Vocal Breakthrough session with Emma Finlay
  • LIVE: Q&A session with Booking coach Christine horn
  • LIVE: Social Media Mastery class with Lauren Litt
  • LIVE: Energy Healing and Clarity Session with Rayna Russell 

It is the best way to go into the next phase of your industry with full ammunition feeling prepared to accomplish your success. 

If you are ready to upgrade you can find out more below. 

With the Breakthrough Bundle V.I.P Track  you get access to 5 co-working sessions during the event.


In these 60-minute sessions, we’ll hop on Zoom (you can choose to have your video on or off) and get some work done! 


We’ll start by sharing what we hope to accomplish, dive into work, and give updates on how we did at the end.


This is a great chance to start seeing results instantly from this event. I’ll be in the chat to answer any questions you come across and to give feedback!


Here’s the schedule:


  • Monday 26th  9:00pm, UK| Los Angeles 1:00pm |New York 4:00pm
  • Tuesday 27th  9:00pm, UK| Los Angeles 1:00pm |New York 4:00pm
  • Wednesday 28th  9:00pm, UK| Los Angeles 1:00pm |New York 4:00pm
  • Thursday 29th  9:00pm, UK| Los Angeles 1:00pm |New York 4:00pm
  • Friday 30 th  9:00pm, UK| Los Angeles 1:00pm |New York 4:00pm

 I’m so glad to hear that you’re interested in upgrading and creating your unique path to success even faster.


The fast-action price was a limited-time offer. I’m sorry that you missed it! Luckily, the Breakthrough Bundle is available for a few more days and you can grab it at the current price here.


Thank you for being a part of making this event amazing!


Smashing we are here to help so let us know your issue by sending us an email here support@thebreakthroughactor.com

The breakthrough V.I.P

Get Full access to 15 presentations to rewatch at anytime + High Value speaker bonuses like Courses, trainings, guides, and Membership discounts…  and so much more plus… Exclusive!